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What we do?

AJER Publishing

AJER PUBLISHING stands as a dedicated publishing powerhouse, impassioned by the pursuit of advancing academic research and excellence in Africa through accessible publishing avenues. Our seasoned team boasts extensive experience in serving the academic community, specializing in the publication of scholarly journals and delivering bespoke training programs. We are committed to empowering students and scholars alike in the domains of effective writing, comprehensive research methodologies, and navigating the intricate landscape of publication. With a steadfast commitment to quality and innovation, we continuously strive to facilitate knowledge dissemination and foster intellectual growth within the academic sphere. AJER PUBLISHING: Where expertise meets opportunity, and scholarly endeavors flourish.


Our Mission

Our mission is to uphold unwavering commitment to excellence in scientific publishing and research support, ensuring that the academic community thrives


Original Vision

Our vision is to be the premier choice for academic publishing and customized training, recognized for our commitment to quality and client-centric approach.


Core Values

Our core values: Excellence, expertise, quality, customization, collaboration. We uphold the highest standards, value experience, prioritize top-tier journals, tailor training, and work collaboratively with clients.

Our Listed Peer-Reviewed Journals

We support peer-reviewed journals and academic publishers actualize their goals. See some of our listed journals:



African Journal of Empirical Research (AJERNET) is a dedicated publisher of peer-reviewed research articles and empirically driven works. Their mission is to serve as a dynamic platform for researchers, students, and professors, providing access to the latest multidisciplinary literature.

Science mundi


SCIENCE MUNDI (Multidisciplinary Universal Nucleus for Dissemination of Innovation and Research in the Sciences), is a dynamic and diverse peer-reviewed journal at the forefront of scientific inquiry. Our mission is to expedite the dissemination of groundbreaking research across a wide spectrum of social, pure, and applied science disciplines.

African Quarterly social science review


The African Quarterly Social Science Review (AQSSR) is a distinguished peer-reviewed journal that bridges intellectual exploration with an unwavering commitment to excellence. Serving as a beacon for scholars, students, and educators, AQSSR is dedicated to providing a vibrant space for peer-reviewed research articles and empirically driven works. 

African scientific annual review


The African Scientific Annual Review (ASAREV) is a dynamic journal dedicated to advancing the frontiers of knowledge in Mathematics and Statistics. Published by AJER Publishing in Nairobi, Kenya, ASAREV serves as a robust platform for scholars, researchers and professionals; offering a comprehensive review of advancements in these critical disciplines.

We Offer Prompt Online Support

Our editors maintain robust communication and interaction with authors, reviewers and readers. This means that our community has seemless communication with us